what day does the irs deposit refunds

What day of the week does the irs deposit refunds in 2012? - it, It says on `where`s my refund` the 25th of january which is a wednesday today actually.
What time of day or night does the irs direct deposit refunds, Just curious if anyone knows? updated 2.17.12 at 730 am mine was deposited!!!!! how others found here: what time of day does the irs make direct.
What days does the irs deposit federal tax refunds? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: every file accepted by the irs by wed. at 11am should receive their refund by wed of next week however since irs deposits are never done.

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At what time does irs make direct deposit tax refunds? - yahoo, Best answer: i'm also waiting for a dd today feb 1 but still don't shown my account, you should i wait in the morning? the date the irs gives can vary.
Irs refunds - how to information | ehow.com, Irs refunds how to articles and videos including what is a delay in processing from the irs?, how long does it take to reverse a bank garnishment?, how long does it.
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