why is it taking so long for my tax refund 2012

Why haven`t i received my 2012 federal income tax refund? - i, Did taxes 2012 for 2 weeks when is it going to be processed. my tax refund date was march 27,2012. i haven`t recieved it yet and now its changed to your return has.
What does it mean if my federal tax return status is pending - tax, Wild answer: where we go wild to answer your questions! join our community and make new friends today.
Has anyone recieved their 2012 tax refund yet ? - yahoo! answers, Wmr has been down since yesterday and there's so many dd dates floating around. i just wanna know if any one has actually got theirs. minus the negative.

 refund check is? do you wonder why it’s taking so long? well there

2012 - 2013 irs tax discussion, Popular questions. why is the irs taking so long? return is being processed no date! help!? will there be a 2013 irs refund cycle chart? has anyone received their.
Irs tax refund delay for 2013 - my dollar plan - tax, retirement, Are you planning to file your 2012 tax return early and worry about geting your refund? yes, there will likely be tax refund delays again this year..
Federal tax refund hold up? - 2012 irs tax discussion, I e-filed my taxes on 1/31/12 at h&r block. i selected a rac check for direct deposit. everything i have says that i will have my check deposited on 2/13/12…well.