why is my 2013 income tax taking so long to process

Why is my paycheck less in 2013; social security tax increase, In 2011, congress passed a social security payroll tax holiday of two percent, and extended it on multiple occasions throughout the end of 2012..
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the promises Barack made on his way to the White House and how, in my

Jindal wants to scrap income, corporate taxes - the maddow blog, After the 2012 elections, louisiana gov. bobby jindal (r) tried to position himself as someone who could help lead his party in a smarter direction. he famously.
Why do banks take so long to approve a short sale? - rain city guide, This question comes up over and over again from realtors, homeowners and homebuyers everywhere i go. a one sentence answer doesn’t exist for this question..
New federal income tax laws for 2012, 2013 - taxtopics on hubpages, Are you up-to-date on the new tax laws? the changes that have been put into place for federal income tax laws could save you a lot of money..