has anyone with tax topic 151 receive their refund ontime

What could possibly warrant the irs giving us a notice about tax, Topic 151 the irs has an administrative appeals process that works with taxpayers to try to settle tax disputes in an effort to avoid formal court hearings..
On refund status is tax topic 152 refund information mean anything, I filed my taxes and was accepted on february 1st when i check irs website it says no information can be provided please read tax topic 152 refund information is this.
1040 (2012), The taxpayer advocate service is here to help you what is the taxpayer advocate service? the taxpayer advocate service (tas) is your voice at the irs..

1040ez (2012), Even if you can use form 1040ez, it may benefit you to use form 1040a or 1040 instead. see should you use another form in section 2, later..
Plc - stamp duty land tax, Stamp duty land tax. this part of the topic index contains resources on stamp duty land tax. please select the resource that you require by clicking on the relevant.
Direct deposit answers - do you have a question? - yahoo! answers, Each year there is much confusion over exactly when we will receive our income tax refund. this is understandable, as there are a number of factors that.