2013 Postal Rate Chart

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New! free 2013 postal rate chart! prices change january 27, 2013, Ddi has assembled a handy reference sheet with all the new usps postal rates which go into effect january 27, 2013. print out and keep near your mail.
2013 postage rates chart - postal logistics | business, Download the 2013 usps 2013 postage rates chart and learn how to save as much as 12% on your mailing expenses with postal logistics..

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2013 postal rate chart is available | primenet direct marketing, This one chart has all the information you need about new usps rates as of january 28, 2013. primenet’s 2013 postal rate chart is yours to download and use for.
2013 postage rate chart printable | workers blog, Current postage rate 2013 — classes of postage, time to stock up on stamps, before postage rates increase at the end of the month. the cost of most sending most.
2013 usps postage rate chart available for download, The new usps postage rates go into effect on january 27, 2013. use our simplified rate chart to budget for your upcoming direct mail campaigns..