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Furloughs for federal workers still likely in new stopgap budget, The stopgap budget congress is likely to pass this week to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year gives a few agencies flexibility to address.
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Federal employee furlough, How long can we continue stealing from our kids and grandkids? when will the government learn to live within our means? when the debt bubble pops, it is going to be ugly..

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Coburn: average new hire equates to one week furlough for 52, Write for us. do you like to write articles on topics affecting federal agencies and employees? welcomes the submission of articles written by guest.
Nearly 2 million federal workers could be subject to furloughs, The only federal workers not subject to furloughs are some 1,500 presidential appointees, according to the latest guidance from omb, which are unlikely to.
Government workers anxious about furloughs, sequestration but also, No one would mistake mantua, a leafy section of fairfax county where houses sell in the $700,000 range, for a factory town, but where jenny foo lives, almost everyone.