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Why is my paycheck less in 2013; social security tax increase, In 2011, congress passed a social security payroll tax holiday of two percent, and extended it on multiple occasions throughout the end of 2012..
The united states social security administration, Official website of the u.s. social security administration. go direct - all social security payments will be paid electronically - act now!.
Publication 15 (2013), (circular e), employer's tax guide, If you are required to report employment taxes or give tax statements to employees or annuitants, you need an employer identification number (ein)..

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Social security administration - employers: tax and wage-reporting, Register to use business services online. you must register to use business services online – social security’s suite of services that allows you to file w-2/w.
Social security number, How to get or replace a social security card, from the official website of the u.s. social security administration..
Social security - just facts, Learn more about social security through documented facts about its taxes, benefits, financial status, reform options, and more..