why is fica higher in 2013

Why you never truly leave high school -- new york magazine, Throughout high school, my friend kenji had never once spoken to the glassmans. they were a popular, football-­playing, preposterously handsome set of.
The fallout from the air raid on syria: why israel is concerned, Israeli warplanes struck several targets inside syria overnight tuesday, including a biological weapons research center that was reportedly flattened out.
Spy fail: why iran is losing its covert war with israel | time.com, Slumped in a nairobi courtroom, suit coats rumpled and reading glasses dangling from librarian chains, the defendants made a poor showing for the notorious.

Pusit Cracker (di ko pa na-try pero nakita ko na to sa mga malls

Why is everyone hating on anne hathaway at 2013 oscars? (tweets, gif), We do understand that anne hathaway is not everyone's cup of tea (who is, aside from george clooney?!), but the hate being unleashed upon our poor fantine.
Sequester madness: what it is, why it matters - u.s. news, The automatic spending cuts known as the sequester have ignited a political firestorm in the nation's capital. but if america’s feuding politicos can’t come to an.
Why gas prices have risen for 32 days straight - feb. 17, 2013, Gas prices have been rising due to higher oil prices, production cuts and refinery issues. click chart for state-by-state data. that means that the average.