what is the sales tax in charlotte nc 2013

Charlotte, nc sales tax rate, The latest sales tax rate for charlotte, nc. this rate includes any state, county, city, and local sales taxes. 2012 rates included for use while preparing your.
North carolina sales & use tax 2013, What is the north carolina sales tax? the north carolina state sales tax is 5.75%, with a maximum possible sales tax (including local and municipal sales taxes) of 8.25%..
Sales tax in charlotte north carolina? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: the north carolina state sales tax is 4.25 percent. the local sales tax in charlotte (mecklenburg county) is 3%. so the total sales tax is 7.25%..

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2013 charlotte payroll taxes | 2013 north carolina payroll tax, The payroll taxes for the city of charlotte in the state of north carolina are federal unemployment insurance tax , 2013 social security payroll tax (employer portion.
What is the room occupancy tax rate for north carolina - the q&a wiki, What is hotel tax for north carolina room rate 93.00? .12% what is jackson county north carolina's room occupancy tax rate? 3.5% what is the sales tax rate for north.
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