Better Sleep Through Pillows

If you asked me a year ago, I would say that I have no pain. No physical pain, whatsoever.

Unfortunately that's not the case now. My shoulders have been hurting a lot. And my theory has been that it's caused by my sleep position.

I am a side sleeper, and I sleep with my arm under my pillow. I think it's bad.

So I tried sleeping on my back. And my back has started to hurt.

I saw a show on TV news that had a pain doctor saying that you need to properly support the body with pillows in order to get good sleep and reduce pain.

So last night I slept on my back, with a pillow underneath my knees. That was better.

Now after some googling I have discovered a pillow specially made for people with shoulder problems. Apparently when you sleep on your side you can create shoulder problems. This one has memory foam, and a channel underneath it for your arm.

But, I am too cheap to buy the pillow, which is $99. I'd have to get two, because I couldn't get one for me and neglect Fr. Hubby. So that would be $200 just in pillows. I don't think we'll be buying that soon.

I am going to be on the lookout for some discount better sleep pillows!