Yes, Virginia, There is a Pentecost

It was hard to have Mother's Day and Pentecost fall on the same day. This has been a weird year, calendar-wise, what with Easter coming so early and all. Well, now Mother's Day and Pentecost were the same day.

And interestingly enough, as noted by Joel at CEC Worship ( ) not so many people are mentioning Pentecost.

I do think it is strange that the church somehow has made Mother's Day a high holiday, but not so much worried about Pentecost.

Maybe it's because a lot of people come to church with their mothers on Mother's Day. Outreach opportunity.

Maybe it's because they are guilty for ignoring Jesus' Mother, Mary. Romophobic guilt.

Maybe it's because the church is largely run and populated by women and they would storm the pulpit if not recognized.

Maybe it's because in today's mobile society, the family is often separated by distance and the church feels like they need to fill the emotional void grown children are not.

I don't know. I'm sure it's really just all innocent and not anything malicious.

But anyway, I pray that all of us, and our mothers, have a fresh visit of the Holy Spirit!

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