Oh, how I love Costco. I love it, love it, love it.

Today, we renewed our membership after a few years of not having one.

We just got back. We are putting away the lovely stuff we got.

When you feed a family of four kids, two adults, and try to have a little left over for visitors, it can become constant trips to the grocery store. I love Costco because we will now have little meals on hand easy to whip up. Some snacks, sold at a much better price than individually purchased. And fabulous miscellaneous items.

If we need to buy a yard swingset, we can. I can buy a 3 pack of leather scrapbooks for $29.99. We can buy towels or sheets. Tampax Pearl. A ceiling fan. Vitamins. Kirkland Signature everything. Office furniture. Patio furniture. Fresh flowers. Pounds of feta cheese. 4 lbs. of fresh strawberries for $4.99. Tires for the car.

And every single thing is a better deal than what we would get elsewhere. Very high quality, decent prices.

Oh, how I love Costco. Now, I am going to go and eat some of the 6 gallons of pickles we bought.

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