American Idol Season of Worship Leader?

It seems that this year, there are more than normal number of worship leaders competing. Of the first six that have been put through, three are nice churchboys.

Although it makes sense. Worship leaders are a talented crew. Every week, they come up with a new set, arrangements, sing, go with the flow. Very good musical skills and lots of practice. It's about time people realize how much talent we have in churches.

And let's face it, it never hurts to have favor from the Man Upstairs. I've often thought that God blesses those who use their musical talents for Him.

And, those Christians are a powerful voting block for AI. Because they are home watching AI instead of something with inappropriate content.

This blog post link does not mention Jason Castro, who played at his church in Houston. BTW Jason will be on the March 4 AI, singing a new song he is releasing.

Anyway, here is the blog post from beliefnet talking about the proliferation of worship leaders on this year's American Idol:

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