Why Jason Castro Could Be An Mski

Well, he's Latin but he has blue eyes like our people - but that's not the real reason Jason Castro could be an mski.

Jason Castro likes to sleep. Just like the mski women over the age of 10.

Here is the transcript from cnn/Larry King. Fixed by me, because their transcriber did not catch everything.

LARRY KING: E-mail from Tempest (ph) in New Orleans. It's for Jason. "Does it upset you some people think your laid-back personality is a result of smoking weed?"

JASON CASTRO: It doesn't upset me. It's kind of an ignorant assumption, I think. Because I'm taking it easy.

BROOKE WHITE: Can I jump in?

MICHAEL JOHNS: [editor's note, this was from out of nowhere] Michael Johns is kind of drag.

BROOKE WHITE: This is the most well rested guy on the planet. The truth is that he takes more naps than anybody I've ever known.

JASON CASTRO: The reason I'm so laid back is because most of the time I just woke up.


BROOKE WHITE: During the show, he's asleep on the couch.

CARLY SMITHSON: He would fall asleep while he was getting his makeup done.

SYESHA MERCADO: [to Jason] We were out to dinner and you were sleeping.

DAVID COOK: I actually -- I lived with Castro for a while and I can promise you that that representation of him is completely false.

LARRY KING: It's a myth.

To see the video click here, choose Part 7, from 1:07

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