Watching American Idol Finale at the Mski Home

Now, please take this post as a post highlighting the shenanigans of the home, and not a bitter mom complaining about her TV watching being interrupted by live humans...because of course that would never be me...

  • Boy has open house at school from 6 to 7:30 pm. Aw darn, that means Mama has to take him to open house and not go to Wednesday night services at church, and therefore can watch American Idol finale live.

  • AI starts.

  • Quiet boy suddenly becomes chatty Kathy. He talks about everything under the sun, including how calculators work and wants to demonstrate how they work. Mama tries to pretend she is interested.

  • Youngest girl decides to play piano and sing. Mama puts a quick stop to that.

  • Boy decides to root for Archie, against his mother's Cookie.

  • Oldest teenager finds out who the winner is from her internet sources and threatens to tell the mother.

  • Little girl takes her shower. Lather, rinse, get her into jammies.

  • Boy takes his shower. Lather, rinse, throw him in a towel and send him to get his underwear on.

  • Younger teenager calls from the next town, ready to be picked up from choir banquet.

  • Mama delays leaving to pick up teenager until after Jason Castro sings solo Hallelujah song.

  • Oldest teenager worries about Jason Castro singing his Hallelujah song, because he was visibly shaking. We share a moment of concern.

  • Mama decides to send oldest teenager to go pick up younger teenager so she can keep watching AI.

  • Oldest teenager is a good sport and leaves to go pick up her sister.

  • Boy wants milk.

  • Girl wants milk.

  • Girl needs to go to bed. Pause AI.

  • Boy needs to drill his 8s addition facts, so mama set him up on

  • Girl goes to bed and wants 2 pages of Cinderella. Mama reads it.

  • Boy goes to bed and Mama reads Superman to boy. The shortest book in the room.

  • Girl wants to sleep in parents' bedroom. Whatever, just let me go back downstairs to watch the TV.

  • Unpause AI.

  • Teenagers return.

  • Oldest teenager rewinds the whole thing back to the beginning so we can see it all again with younger teenager.

  • Mama thinks we will be lucky to get done with this show by midnight.

  • Everyone laughs/screams at David Cook shaking his legs while singing with ZZ Top. Nice moves David!

  • Everyone laughs at how David Hernandez magically got the line about being "naked" in the George Michael song.

  • Younger teenager takes over computer to do a project on the Ukrainian genocide.

  • Husband comes home from church.

  • We laugh at the crazy Renato and wish they showed the Jason Castro singing with the crazy audition guy piece we've seen.

  • Younger teenager needs advice on the Ukrainian genocide project.

  • Mama refrains from kicking younger teenager off the computer so she can check AI forums,, and Michael Slezak at Entertainment Weekly.

  • Teenagers give husband the recap of what has gone on.

  • Younger teenager cannot work the double sided tape and mama has to fix it.

  • Older teenager wishes Jason Castro sang "Tambourine Man," his infamous lyric botching song, which sounds really great on the itunes studio download CD.

  • Husband goes on a big diatribe about the judges in the moments before the winner is announced.

  • Husband is sad that no one is listening to what he is saying.

  • The winner is announced. Yay David Cook!! Yay!! Happy happy joy joy!!

  • We all remark and how happy all the contestants are for David Cook.

  • Cautious older teenager states that she would not have all those sparks flying down if she were the winner, that is not very safe.

This morning, I had to break the news to Luke that big David won the match. Luke is very disappointed, and begins questioning if David Archuleta can go another round. He does not give up very easily.

If you missed the show, I highly recommend's 60 second recaps. Jim Cantiello gives everything you need to know in 60 seconds. And he does.

Congratulations to David Cook!! Who has done a fine job all year.

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