Kindergarten Roundup

This week we took Nadia to the kindergarten roundup at school.

She is the most highly motivated pre-kindergartener I've ever seen. She'd been thrilled for a week about going. We discussed the requirements for kindergarten (know your colors, know your shapes, count to 30, know the upper and lower case alphabet) and she's been diligently trying to prove she knows it all.

We had a group tour, and when they sat the kids down to have the librarian explain the rules. She looked like Superman with xray vision - she was staring at the librarian so hard, soaking in EVERY SINGLE WORD. I was afraid she was going to bore a hole in the woman's head.

She is intense, to say the least.

She found that her best friend from preschool was in the roundup, as was another boy. But the boy apparently "didn't remember" that he knew the two girls. So they chased him the whole time so he would remember. In 90+ degree heat.

She came home all pink. We had to give her a water bottle and a shower.

This will be interesting!

Note to self, buy the girl some skorts. Skirts are no good when sitting cross legged listening to the teacher.

And BTW school starts in mid August. Yikes! That is right around the corner.

And then there will be no preschoolers in the mski home. I don't know whether to cry or jump up and down.

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