Exciting Trinity Sunday at All Saints

It was such an exciting day. Dramatic, or as Nadia says, "amatic," to say the least.

First, somehow they didn't get all the bulletins I printed. We were short of bulletins, even though I printed the ususal number. I think there was a bulletin thief around. I gave up my bulletin and had to fake it when everyone was reciting the psalm.

DH was losing his voice. He wasn't wearing a mic either. It's so interesting when you are unsure whether or not the preacher is going to be able to continue.

Next, several new songs in the mix. And the musicians were standing up instead of sitting down. Very nice.

Fourth, SteVB and Nick the Cool sang a "ska" type song during offertory that had me thinking. And "I was thinking Bob Marley, yeah!" If only they had dreds, it would have been even more effective. But somehow SteVB is adamantly against growing dredlocks, even as much as we heckle him about it.

Fifth, DH was cracking during some of his sung liturgy during communion. Several of the people in church were giving each other covert looks and trying not to react. But if he had cracked one more time I think we would have been all giggly.

Sixth, during the time of ministry, POP! the power went out. Yikes! And it was 108 degrees today at church.
  • The musicians went unplugged. Jess had to strum like the dickens, and the singers had to shout it out. SteVB, who was using an electric guitar, had to take Jessica's acoustic guitar and play it mighty loud during St. Michael's.
  • The alarms starting going off, until Mae somehow figured out how to reset them.
  • The kids started screaming in the nursery. We brought them into the sanctuary and opened the curtains so there would be some light.
  • I started to wonder if KFC would also have a power outage, thereby keeping us from fried chicken lunch, and also if our home would be out of power, rendering our refrigerator full of food from Costco bad and us with no air conditioning. Luckily, the power outage was confined to the neighborhood of the church.
  • We had to sing all of the praise songs from memory because we could not see the overhead projector. And we suddenly all came down with Alzheimers' so the music team had to carry it.
Seventh, SteVB took out the trash after church and the trash can fell down, and tons of poo poo diapers fell on the sidewalk and he had to pick him up with his young man hands, which are not used to poo poo diapers and were totally grossed out. It was pretty funny.
Eighth, Nadia told the kids in the nursery that our house burned to the ground and we were moving to South America. So those kids spent time after they returned to the service convincing their mothers "really, Nadia said so! they are moving to South America!" And their mothers thought "hmm, I think we would have heard if their house burned to the ground..."
Ninth, we got home and Nadia was playing catch with one of the Brothers' House guys and fell and got a bloody nose.
Tenth, Jessica found that one of the dogs had gotten into the pool and chewed her brand new pool floatie. We used it for the first time yesterday. Anger all around.
Yep. A very exciting Sunday. It was so exciting, that now I am going to take a nap. Such a day.

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