Top Ten Reasons We Are Happy Charley is Blogging Again

Thank goodness, there's been a run on entries at charley's blog.

This is very good, and in fact there are many reasons it's good. Here are the top ten:

10. He introduced us to blogging. Before, Fr Hubby and I would have to email him our top ten lists.
9. It's a nice way to hear his dry wit and humor, since we are no longer in the same 'hood.
8. Someone has to make sure that the telephone and coffee vendors of the world tow the line.
7. I get to hear from Miss Cindy in his comments, and met my Canadian friend michele through his comments.
6. We know he is still alive, and not buried under an avalanche of textbooks.
5. It's nice to see the various template changes he makes on a monthly basis, and wonder what it would be like to have a blogging provider that actually gives you good template choices.
4. We get to keep up with the Courtenia and her grownupness.
3. It's funny to hear such a relatively calm person in real life rant and rave.
2. It's better than nothing, since Mabel Queen of Dog Blogs doesn't blog anymore.
1. It helps us to advise Presidential candidates on their runningmates.

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