Clean House Messiest Home in the Country 2

Who wants a CLEAN HOUSE????

I just can't explain my fascination with Clean House. I love it so much.

Perhaps it's Niecy Nash. They try to have others on to take her place, but Niecy strikes just that right balance between psychologist and comedian. She is able to get to the heart of why people have clutter like no one else.

Perhaps it's incentive. I do think I could very easily become a clutterholic, and have my home turn into one of the Clean House homes fast.

Perhaps it's the joy of having a home go from total mess to total rest in one hour. Seeing a family face and deal with their clutter is so much more rewarding than seeing two yuppies on a home improvement show try to figure out what shade of tan they want their already nice home to be.

Perhaps it's sympathy with the people whose homes are so messy. They are so often good hearted people, they just don't have the heart to make the other person throw out their mess, or take the time to make their environment nice, because sometimes they feel they don't deserve a nice environment. And sometimes I feel like that too.

I don't know. All I know is, I love this show and the Messiest Home in the Country 2 is a fine episode. Here's a little behind the scenes, with some slide shows:

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