We have had some real blessings during these days and nights in the hospital.
  • Hospital care packages. My friend delivered us homemade sandwiches, fruit, chips, sodas, and home baked goods for a few days. We also have some cookies and such. So so nice.
  • Food for the home folk. People dropped off dinners now, when we need them, so the littles and their caretakers would not starve.
  • Care for the littles. My in laws and some other nice friends have kindly taken care of our young kids who couldn't come to the hospital - you must be over 18 to visit this flu season.
  • Parent voucher for the cafeteria and parking pass. So nice. Thank you, hospital.
  • Friends to take over my work. One person took an interview. One made me plane reservations for a trip. One postponed a call until next week. One covered for me on calls I couldn't make.
  • Flowers and balloons. They just brighten up the place.
Our situation is not ideal. But I sure appreciate the kindnesses we have received.

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