Naomi Update

Well. It's been quite a week.

Naomi's gall bladder procedure did not go according to plan. After we came home we had to return to the hospital in the middle of the night due to pain. The kind that makes a kid throw up three times in the lobby of the ER. The kind that makes a mom park in the ambulance parking spot and hijack a wheelchair to take their kid to the ER. The kind that makes a mom ready to whack the ER person who takes too long to check their kid into ER.

Then, we found that Naomi was leaking. Bile. Which is poison. Right into the pelvic cavity. Yech.

So there was an easy fix, laparoscopic. Yay. Signed us up with the rock star doctor who would lead our rock star pediatric surgeon to do this.

Easy fix did not work. Had to do a complicated intestinal surgery to improve the problems caused by a slip in the first laparoscopic GB surgery. Grr and Wah.

Now, I am trading off nights at the hospital with DH, and essentially taking off a week to take care of Naomi who is still in the hospital as of Tuesday, with a few more days expected.

She is dying for mashed potatoes. The hospital only apparently has baked. Will try to acquire some mashed potatoes tomorrow.

Tonight, we will rest until her roommate comes back from her appendix surgery. Exciting times here on the pediatric unit with the teenage girls.

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