Celebrity Doppelgangers

All right, for some reason I can't rearrange uploaded pictures on blogger very well, which means that the comedic punch of this post is going to be all messed up.

Celebrity doppelganger week on Facebook. So who
are the celebrities around our house?

Well, I have a few I would like to claim.

My doctor thinks I look like Natalie Merchant.

Jennifer Tilly has been suggested to me by Miss Cindy. Here's a picture where she is not showing her enormous bozooms.

I'd like to say Moon Bloodgood.

But the most common celebrity lookalike comment I get is Jo from the Facts of Life, Nancy McKeon.

Fr. Hubby has a few. I'd say Alec Baldwin.

Or Dane Cook.

Or his half latin brother, Charlie Sheen.

I found out that Naomi's BF could pass for Gerard Butler.

We know that SteVB could be brother to Matt Giraud.

Naomi has a good Katy Perry look.

And Jessica always would get confused for Hilary Duff. For some reason especially when she worked at Coldstone. I guess people who go to Coldstone think Hilary Duff's twin would work at Coldstone serving them ice cream.

So who is your celebrity?

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