Rest in Peace, Chick the Dog

Chick passed away today. Very sadz.

She had a tumor and internal bleeding on the inside. She will be buried at the home of her breeder. Returning to her homeland, so to speak.

We will miss our Chickie. Even though she was all broken legged, due to a car accident in her youth, she was a great hunter. She was a very rare German Shorthaired Pointer who was a family dog as well as a hunting dog.

Most GSPs are so crazy and hyper. She was very calm. A little passive aggressive, and didn't like to be told what to do. She never really retrieved that well, but she could smell out birds like a champ.

She liked to sun herself in the yard, and she was not ashamed to show her many nipples. She didn't like the cold. She would go bananas when birds were in our front yard, and would get her head stuck in the gate trying to go after them. She would react like crazy when she could hear the firing range in the distance - she thought it was time to hunt.

She liked to sleep on dirty laundry. Sometimes she also enjoyed eating dirty underwear. She was amazingly smart, and could use the handle and open the door to the laundry room and get out, even though the door opened towards her.

Sometimes she liked to escape, and she would end up at the animal shelter and show up on their website with a prison photo.

She would let Nadia ride her like a pony. She liked to lean against you, and put her head in your lap.

We will miss you, Chick. May you rest in peace, free from pain.

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