When I interview, I will often ask a person what values they bring with them into the workplace, based on their experiences and learnings from early years and school/college. Here are some of mine.
  • Modesty. Mom told me not to tell people that I skipped a grade in school. Or brag about various things I ever did.
  • Treating people with respect. Every person is worthy, and should be given proper and due respect. And they should not be made to feel bad about themselves. My friends' mom told us never to speak with a vocabulary more advanced than the person you were speaking to, so they wouldn't feel bad.
  • Loyalty. My dad worked for 30 years at the same company. He stayed with my mom through a lot of things that would have driven a marriage into the ground. I have been at my company for 20 years so far. And I have stayed with my husband even though he has been stealing my keys and leaving me stranded at home for 22 years. ;-)
  • Fear. Mom believed there was always a rapist or a robber in arm's reach, trying to get us, and though I tried to fight it I would rush to the car with heart pounding when leaving the house until the doors were locked.
  • Group over self, and extended family. Growing up, in my grandparents' apartment building. They lived next door to us; there was usually an uncle or cousin living in the building as well. Our family all lived within a half hours' drive of each other, and we got together often for potlucks. You were expected to swallow individual grievances with others in the family for the good of peace and the whole of the group.
  • Self-preservation. During times of great trouble or sadness, you still needed to take a trip to Disneyland, or buy a new car, or have some sort of a break because sometimes, no matter how bad things may be, a person needs a little joy.
Hmm. A bit of a dreary list.
So what are your values?

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